Lefkosa: The capital of the TRNC is Lefkoşa (Nicosia), Lefkosa has a population of approximately 35,000, this is where the main administration and business centre’s are.
Other major towns include:

Gazi Magusa (Famagusta): Which is a flourishing tourist, industrial and commercial centre, as well as being the country’s principle port:

Girne (Kyrenia): A town of touristic importance with a wonderful picturesque harbour.
Town maps can be obtained from the Tourism offices in Lefkosa and are also available from  any of our 4 offices located in Girne – Kyrenia, Famagusta – Gazi Magusa, Catalkoy and Ozankoy


Nicosia – Lekosia – Lefkosa all names for the last remaining divided city in the world.

The timeless and unchanged Turkish Cypriot Northern half of the city is in direct contrast to the busy, sophisticated Greek Cypriot Southern half, yet both sides of Nicosia – Lefkosa have a charm and attraction of their own.


Since 2004 EU citizens have been free to cross from one side of the city to the other thus enabling both communities, Greek and Turkish to enjoy Nicosia – Lefkosa as a whole and get a better understanding of the Cypriot people and Cyprus as a whole.


EU Citizens can cross on foot from Ledra Palace which is centrally located for all the main shopping areas, North and South. Alternatively, you can cross by car at the ‘Metehan’ crossing which is now fully operational. You will need a valid passport and car insurance will need to be obtained on crossing. You will not need to purchase an annual insurance; daily and monthly are offered.

North Nicosia – Lefkosa has changed very little over the years. The back streets are ramshackle reminders of a time gone by. Locals live very simple lives! A walking tour of North Nicosia – Lefkosa has been established, by way of a ‘blue line’.

A must to do whilst visiting North Nicosia – Lefkosa is to visit the ‘hammam’ Turkish Bath, Selimiye Mosque and the covered market, an ideal place to purchase bargain clothes, shoes and textiles. Many fake name-brand items are on sale! Many shops only display a selection of their wares outside, so it’s advisable to venture inside and take a good look around.

Travelling North from Nicosia – Lefkosa will bring you to the bustling sophisticated town of Kyrenia – Girne.