Transportation of Personal Effects to North Cyprus from the UK

Shipping to North Cyprus

There are several companies providing shipping services to North Cyprus, some bigger and better known than others offering a range of services of varying standards and prices to prospective clients.


Freightbrain International (FBI)

For a more personalised, reliable and competitively priced service D&B are happy to endorse the services of Freightbrain International (FBI) which is a family run business based in Witham, Essex. With over 20 year’s experience and with a network of established contacts, FBI offers advice and assistance throughout the whole shipping process. From initial quotation in the UK to help with customs clearance in Famagusta, Freightbrain International will guide you and remain “hands on” at every stage.

Custom Duty

Duty is liable on all imported goods, although persons retiring to the TRNC may have that duty waived on used household effects; duty may be levied on certain electrical items. Special licences must be obtained to ship telephones. Verification of retired status may be requested to be presented to the Customs authorities. When goods are being shipped, it is advisable to employ a local agent to help with documentation and customs. All manifests must be translated into Turkish and the local agent will normally do this. Firearms/shotguns should not be imported without prior authorisation from local police or customs.



Pets can be brought into the country from Europe with little hassle. By law the Ministry of Agriculture requires a certificate from a European vet stating that your animal is free of major diseases. Quarantine is approximately 4 weeks at the Lefkoşa kennels. However care for the animals must be administered by you for feeding everyday. This service is not provided. The veterinary office in Lefkoşa should be informed of the date and time of arrival of the animal.



Airpets located near Heathrow Airport ensures international pet travel on almost a daily basis. The company is in charge of keeping the pets in quarantine as well as arranging documentation for animal import/export and other issues related to air pet travel.