Donaghy and Beyler is the number one property management company in North Cyprus. Our multi-lingual staff have been hand picked to look after every aspect of your property. We currently have over 500 properties under management and focus on delivering the best levels of customer care and professionalism available.

Whether you have an individual private villa with pool or have purchased on a complex with shared facilities, we can provide the service level to suit. We own our own pool company which enables us to provide unparalleled services at the best possible price. All of our employees are fully trained and have work permits to ensure thay are legally employed. Many are bi-lingual.

It is proven that those owners that properly manage their properties through professional agents protect their investment. Those that hire unqualified workers are often left with great difficulties and higher repair costs into the future. Donaghy & Beyler manage the properties as they would want their own cared for and work to the highest European standards.

We have a range of services designed for every level of requirement. We can organise to just pay your bills and rental taxes or provide cleaning, pool maintenance, gardening and maintenance of your property too. In any degree you need. If you wish us to provide furniture packages, welcome packs and building contractors, we can do so. All fully guaranteed and managed.

A full list of our services can be found in the table below: