Current Off-Plan Investing outlook

The North Cyprus buying spree of off-plan properties is still at its height. ‘Get rich quick’ investors are more prominent than ever. North Cyprus and its environs now abound with comfortable, well-built Northern Cyprus villas and luxurious apartments in exclusive residential areas, while the level of services, from restaurants in North Cyprus, shops and nightlife, professional and educational options continue to grow and mature, all helping to make this part of North Cyprus the number one choice for smart investors and lifestyle buyers alike.

Esentepe, Bahceli, Tatlisu, Güzelyurt, Iskele and Bafra, are now boasting some of the most exciting and ambitious off-plan projects on the continent of North Cyprus. New infrastructure, such as the Esentepe Championship Golf Course opening in 2006, the stunning five star Artemis Hotel in Bafra and new motorway connections are raising lots of eyebrows throughout Europe and the world.

Most investors know that with just a little ‘inside knowledge’ it’s still possible to produce well above average returns in North Cyprus with no risk to their equity.

Donaghy & Beyler Estate Agents specialise in identifying and qualifying the very best developments which are ideally positioned to benefit from the off-plan model. We only seek developments that offer beachfront location, sea & mountain views or are close to a golf course in order to maximize the potential property values.

Your North Cyprus property rises in value as a result of being initially purchased below its true market value in the early stages of the development’s life cycle. During construction, the developer raises the price of the North Cyprus properties to reflect their true market value. This process is explained in detail further on.

We also provide a clear breakdown of additional costs to consider, as well as a brief overview of why investing in North Cyprus makes excellent sense and how we help investors find the most promising development projects.

After you’ve finished reading about off-plan investments we encourage you to browse the rest of our website for more in depth information about the North Cyprus lifestyle – you may end up moving into one of your North Cyprus investments!

Why investing in North Cyprus makes excellent sense:


As an investor you can expect above average returns from investing in the off-plan North Cyprus property developments being identified by Donaghy & Beyler.

Why? Four reasons:

  1. Your North Cyprus properties are priced BELOW today’s market value (you literally buy your properties at a discounted price).
  2. Your equity is limited to only around 50% of your property’s price. (You only pay a fraction of the total sales price to secure your ownership rights)
  3. During construction you can sell your properties in North Cyprus onto a ‘lifestyle’ buyer benefiting from any pre-scheduled price increases from the developer and additional capital market growth.
  4. Alternatively, complete your purchase and acquire the Title Deed; sell the property on approximately one/two years later and see even bigger gains on your investment due to the development’s ‘mature’ status and desirability.


The life cycle of a new development can be thought of as the stages which the development goes through to get off the ground.

Once the developer secures the land in North Cyprus, completes their due diligence and approval to build is acquired, the project is fully conceived. The developer then establishes the ‘Investors Package’.

Finally, the developer secures the contractual arrangements for the executions of the project and begins to market the properties to the initial investors.

In order to actually begin construction, around 30% of the development usually needs to be sold off-plan and this is where Donaghy & Beyler Estate Agents come into the equation.

Our expertise in finding the very best off-plan opportunities in North Cyprus is unparalleled and we provide honest assessments of all of our recommended projects. There are also a few developers that we refuse to work with or recommend due to their notorious track records of poorly built projects or high amounts of complaints from owners. Thankfully, the amount of reputable developers offering high quality built products greatly outweighs the few ‘bad apples’.