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North Cyprus LifestyleIf you are contemplating emigration to North Cyprus with your family, retiring or just changing your lifestyle and moving to Northern Cyprus to look for new opportunities, we have put together some information you may find useful to make your move with ease!

North Cyprus enjoys a typical Eastern Mediterranean climate, unspoilt natural beauty, low living costs and next to no crime. The generosity and warmth of the Turkish Cypriot people will never cease to amaze you!

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Local Northern Cyprus time is two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Major Towns

The capital of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) is Lefkosa, which is the only divided city in the world shared with Southern Cyprus (Nicosia). The other major towns are Gazi Magusa (Famagusta), Girne (Kyrenia) and Güzelyurt (Morphou).

Population / Language in North Cyprus

According to the 2006 census estimates 210,047 people live in the TRNC, predominantly made up of Turkish Cypriots. Ethnic groups consist of British, German, Russian, French Greeks, Maronites and others.

The Official language is Turkish although English is widely used.