Land Design and Build in Northern Cyprus

There are many properties for sale in North Cyprus. However, you may want your Northern Cyprus property investment to be unique and tailored to your exact requirements. As the leading North Cyprus Estate Agent we can help you design and build the perfect property for you in North Cyprus. With the largest portfolio of land covering all areas of Northern Cyprus, we are confident we can find the right plot to suit your needs. Whether you require a hilltop retreat, beachfront location or private & secluded, we have it. Ranging from small ½ donum plots to larger sizes with building permission already granted for construction of private North Cyprus villas with a pool, bungalows, hotels, villa or apartment complexes. Unfortunately not all land in North Cyprus can be advertised on our website as there is just too much!

With Donaghy and Beyler Estate Agent ’s years of experience and following a few simple basic rules your dream home in Northern Cyprus will be built on time, within budget and be fully covered by professional guarantees.

For the investor looking to start developing in North Cyprus we can give you all the advice you need. Donaghy & Beyler have experience as developers so we can offer you first hand knowledge on exactly what is required to start developing including Company formation, taxes, selling off plan, hidden costs and profit margins.

We can help you through the whole process, starting with finding the right plot of Northern Cyprus land, introducing you to English speaking Architects, Builders, Surveyors and Project Managers, obtaining all the necessary permissions and licences, advising and supervising construction in your absence until the final stage is complete and ready for your occupation.

Before buying your plot in Northern Cyprus we can prepare a basic project with costings including insurance to see if the whole project will be within your budget.


North Cyprus Land and Building Project

One Donum is a measure of land equivalent to 1600 square yards, 1,338 sq. meters or 14,400 sq. ft., 0.336 acre. The build percentages vary from area to area. Normally you are allowed to build up to 20% of the land size in North Cyprus. If you are building a bungalow this is reduced to 15%.

We have a large portfolio of land for sale in all areas of Northern Cyprus. Email us with your requirements and we will be happy to advise you of what we have available.

Here are just some of the exciting projects that we have completed for our clients.

Not only does your builder give you a guarantee but both the Architect and Surveyor through their appropriate professional bodies also give you guarantees. Currently it is not Law here in North Cyprus to have insurance against structural defects, earthquake, fire and theft. However we strongly advise you to take out insurance immediately a contract is signed for the construction of your new home. The premium is a one off payment. Please contact us for more details.

Restorations/Renovations and Conversions

Donaghy and Beyler Estate Agents are the leading North Cyprus specialists in the acquisition and restoration of older traditional North Cyprus properties. We have a team of independent professional architects, surveyors and builders specialising in this field. Contact us for more information on